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Defendant Appeals His Conviction to Making False Statements to a Bank

Defendant appeals his conviction on seven counts of making false statements to a bank. The false statements were made in order to carry out a tax evasion scheme. The Defendant appealed arguing that the law required that the false statement had to cause a loss to the bank or a liability. The Court disagreed and upheld the convictions.

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Tax Preparer Was Banned for 15 Years from Preparing Tax Returns

Taxpayer who had been banned from preparing tax returns for 15 years was indicted on 21 counts of assisting the preparation of tax returns pursuant to 7206.
A condition of the bond was no tax return preparation due to danger to the community. Danger to community is not limited to physical violence.

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Former Mayor Convicted Conspiracy, Mail Fraud & Filing False Tax Returns

Joseph Ganin, the former mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., was convicted on seven counts arising from activities which occurred during his tenure as mayor. The convictions included racketeering, conspiracy, mail fraud and filing false tax returns. The defendant appealed based upon alleged Brady violations by the government.

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