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Understanding Criminal Tax Investigations

Taxpayers who find that they are the target of an IRS tax investigation for possible criminal tax violations are presented with difficult choices that often affect the ultimate outcomes of their cases.

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Concealment of Fraud Extends the Statute of Limitations

Indictment Charging Tax Evasion Was Not Barred By the Statute of Limitations Even though the Tax Return Had Been Filed More Than Six Years Earlier Because the Taxpayer Provided Bogus Documents to the IRS Subsequent to the Filing of the Tax Return to Conceal the Fraud.

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Civil Tax Lawyer & Conflict in Criminal Tax Trial

Taxpayers Were Convicted of Tax Evasion and Conspiracy. Defendants Alleged That Their Civil Tax Lawyer Had a Conflict of Interest Because He Rendered Tax Advise that Was In Issue at the Trial But Acted as Criminal Trial Counsel For One of the Defendants. Defendants Moved for New Trial Based Upon This Conflict. The convictions were affirmed.

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Tax Preparer Convicted of Filing False Returns for Clients

In Case Where Taxpayer Was Charged with Filing False Tax Returns for Clients that Overstated Expenses, Testimony of Former Clients Not Contained in the Indictment Was Permitted as 404(b) Evidence to Show Wilful Intent and There Was No Violation of the Confrontation Clause

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