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Understanding the Purpose of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS

Understanding the Purpose of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS

Taxpayers who are the target of an Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division investigation benefit from an understanding of the purpose of these investigations.

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Definition of "Willful" in Civil Cases

Definition of "Willful" in Civil Cases

District Court finds in FBAR penalty trial that the definition of willful in civil cases includes reckless disregard of tax laws. The Court found that the burden of proof in a civil FBAR penalty case was a mere preponderance of the evidence. The IRS was not bound by the opinion of General Counsel or its own manual that state that the definition of willful should be the same in civil cases as in criminal cases.

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Selecting a Criminal Tax Attorney

Selecting a Criminal Tax Attorney

Selecting a criminal tax attorney to represent you during a criminal tax investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS may be a substantial factor in determining whether you will be indicted and ultimately whether you will prevail at trial with a jury verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts.

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The Refusal of the Court to Instruct the Jury

In a tax evasion case in which the taxpayer is charged pursuant to section 7201 of the Code, it is reversible error for the trial court to refuse the taxpayer's request to instruct the jury that willful failure to pay a tax under section 7203 is a lesser included offense, if the facts of the case would permit a reasonable jury to find willful failure to pay and not the additional act of concealment required to prove tax evasion.

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Sentence Based Upon Tax Loss Including Penalties and Interest

Taxpayer attempted to pay tax liens with checks from bank accounts that had been closed. The taxpayer was convicted after a jury trial of tax evasion. The Court sentenced the taxpayer based upon tax loss including interest and penalty since the taxpayer attempted to defraud the IRS for the entire amount.

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Defendant Appeals His Conviction to Making False Statements to a Bank

Defendant appeals his conviction on seven counts of making false statements to a bank. The false statements were made in order to carry out a tax evasion scheme. The Defendant appealed arguing that the law required that the false statement had to cause a loss to the bank or a liability. The Court disagreed and upheld the convictions.

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Taxpayer's Conviction for Tax Evasion was Affirmed, U. S. v. AGUIRRE, 368 Fed. Appx. 979, LEXIS 5876 (11th Cir. 2010)

Taxpayer appealed his conviction for tax evasion pursuant to 7201 and argued that the IRS introduced improper bad act evidence during the trial in violation of Rule 404(b). The conviction was affirmed.

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