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The Refusal of the Court to Instruct the Jury That Willful Failure to Pay Under 7203 Was a Lesser Included Offense of Tax Evsion Under 7201 Was Held to be Reversible Error.

In a tax evasion case in which the taxpayer is charged pursuant to section 7201 of the Code, it is reversible error for the trial court to refuse the taxpayer's request to instruct the jury that willful failure to pay a tax under section 7203 is a lesser included offense, if the facts of the case would permit a reasonable jury to find willful failure to pay and not the additional act of concealment required to prove tax evasion.

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Sentence for Taxpayer Convicted of Tax Evasion was Based Upon Tax Loss Including Penalties and Interest

Taxpayer attempted to pay tax liens with checks from bank accounts that had been closed. The taxpayer was convicted after a jury trial of tax evasion. The Court sentenced the taxpayer based upon tax loss including interest and penalty since the taxpayer attempted to defraud the IRS for the entire amount.

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Failure to Pay Over Tax Does Not Require Proof of Ability to Pay. U.S. v. BLANCHARD, 618 F.3d 562, (6th Cir. 2010)

There is No Requirement That The Government Prove a Taxpayer Had Funds to Pay Tax to Obtain a Conviction Pursuant to Section 7202. Further, the Statute of Limitations for an Offense Under Section7202 is Six Years.

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