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White Collar Crime

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White Collar Crime Lawyer

Selecting a winning defense lawyer is crucial.

Most white collar crimes are offenses that involve money and accounting. These crimes are often committed by persons that are otherwise normal law abiding individuals and do not fit the profile of a typical criminal.  This has led to the saying that even good people sometimes make serious mistakes.

White collar offenses include, but are not limited to, the following: Bank Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Mail Fraud, Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud, Identity Theft, Structuring, Tax Offenses and Money Laundering.

Attorney-CPA White Collar Crime

Mr. Garvin has an accounting and tax background that gives him an advantage over many other lawyers in the field of white collar crimes defense. The successful defense of the client often is affected by the quality of the legal representation provided during the investigation stages of the case as well as the actual jury trial.

The Easiest Source of The Evidence

Far too often, clients agree to speak with the special agents conducting the criminal investigation to convince the agents that they have nothing to hide.This is a mistake. If you are the subject or target of a criminal investigation, the agents are tasked with gathering evidence to support criminal charges against you.

Target of The Investigation

Agents know that the target of the investigation is often the most accessible source of the evidence they need to make the case. Suppose you believe that you may be the target of a criminal investigation. In that case, it is essential that you do not speak directly to the agents and that you contact a qualified defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Logic

Some persons under investigation are reluctant to hire a qualified lawyer because they believe that this action in some way suggests to the special agents that they are guilty. This logic is severely flawed.

Special Agents

Special agents do not name a person as the target of an investigation unless they have sufficient evidence to conclude that the target of their inquiry likely committed a crime. Their assignment is to gather the evidence necessary to prove the ultimate criminal charges brought against the target.

Retaining a Lawyer

Persons under investigation should view the act of retaining the best possible lawyer to defend them as a signal that they are serious about protecting their innocence and liberty.

Mr. Garvin has successfully defended his clients in white-collar crime cases. The law for these particular offenses is set forth below.

white collar crime cases

Indictment Dismissed

Money Laundering Case

The defense prepared for months to go to trial, which included the review of undercover tape recordings and the preparation of witnesses and exhibits. On the eve of the trial, the United States reassessed its position and dismissed all charges against Mr. Nunez.

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The Gravity of The Situation

When individuals initially learn that they are the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, they often do not comprehend the gravity of the situation. Investigations usually progress very slowly.

It is not unusual for the process to take months and sometimes years to complete. During the investigation, the government issues subpoenas to gather records. In some cases, tens of thousands of pages of documents are produced. The agents assigned to the case review every record.

The Process

During this process, a new list of documents and witnesses is compiled. The second set of subpoenas are then served. This process continues in waves until the agents are satisfied that they have inspected all relevant documents. Because the process often progresses slowly, clients are sometimes lulled into a false sense of security by believing that the government has abandoned its investigation. They are disappointed when they learn that a new wave of subpoenas have been served and potential witnesses have been required to appear.

It is essential that the client actively works on his defense during this period. The best way to do this is to retain a qualified lawyer experienced in defending federal economic crimes. Most importantly, the defense must make no mistakes during the investigation. The most common mistake made by persons under investigation is to attempt to discuss aspects of their case with the agents in an attempt to convince them that they have nothing to hide.

White collar crime attorney and client

Innocent of $10 Million Mortgage Fraud

After six months of pretrial litigation, argument, and the review of tens of thousands of pages of discovery, Mr. Prado was proven innocent, and all of the counts in the indictment against him were dismissed by the United States.

The white-collar criminal defense lawyer who represented Mr. Prado was David M. Garvin.

Don't "Play Catch Up"

Clients who wait to hire a defense lawyer until an indictment is returned often find that they are months behind the government and are forced to "play catch up."  Most clients report that they underestimated the amount of preparation the government puts into a case and they never comprehended the amount of work, organization and preparation needed for the defense to prevail at the jury trial by getting Not Guilty verdicts on all counts.

Mr. Garvin has represented clients in white collar crime investigations and trials for over 35 years and has earned a national reputation based upon a remarkable results and a list of of jury trial victories.

Frequently Asked Questions

White-collar crimes are generally committed by businesspeople who usually wear suits and ties. Examples of white-collar crimes include bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, and tax fraud.

The majority of white-collar crimes are felonies. Depending upon the specific offense charged, the maximum penalty may range from 3 to 30 years of incarceration.

The three white-collar crimes the government charges most frequently are wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering.

The amount of jail time a defendant receives is influenced by several factors. However, one of the major factors is the amount of loss the crime caused the victims. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines provide a recommended sentence range based upon the loss and certain adjustments for specific facts. The Court is required to consider the Federal Sentencing Guidelines recommended sentence. However, the Court is not required to follow the guidelines.

The United States Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice are responsible for prosecuting Federal crimes. Depending on the type of crime, Assistant United States Attorneys or Department of Justice Trial Attorneys are assigned to prosecute white-collar crime cases.

It is not possible to name one specific lawyer as the "Best". There are hundreds of thousands of licensed lawyers in the United States. For example, there are over 100,000 lawyers who are members of the Florida Bar alone. California, Texas, New York, and Illinois also have many practicing lawyers in their respective states.

Criminal defense lawyers do not try cases against each other. They are always against the United States. Perhaps the best way to determine whether a particular criminal defense attorney is effective is to review the lawyer's jury trial record.