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A top criminal tax attorney may be the difference between success and failure. As a result, when a person learns that he or she is the subject of a criminal tax investigation they often seek to retain a top criminal tax lawyer to defend them. The best criminal tax defense attorneys have a great deal of knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and simultaneously are able to command the courtroom during a jury trial as a result of years of experience.

The best criminal tax attorneys will often:

  1. Be Board Certified as a Tax Expert;
  2. Have earned a LLM Master in Tax Law;
  3. Are also Certified Public Accountants (CPA);
  4. Have numerous Not Guilty verdicts in federal criminal tax cases; and
  5. Have been recognized by their peers for their tax knowledge and trial victories.

Criminal tax defense attorney, David M. Garvin, has represented and successfully defended clients in federal criminal and tax matters throughout the United States for over 35 years. His successes are well known amongst practicing criminal tax lawyers as well as Department of Justice, Tax Division attorneys. Mr. Garvin is a Board Certified Tax Attorney, holds a master in law in taxation (LLM) and is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A sample of his remarkable trial victories are listed below.

Criminal Jury Trials

Case Name

Case Number

U.S. v. A.N.18-CR-20280-ScolaIndictment Dismissed
U.S. v. S.G.17-CR-00366-AdamsNot Guilty on all 30 Counts
U.S. v. N.M.15-CR-20258-LenardNot Guilty on all 11 Counts
U.S. v. A.P.15-CR-20096-ScolaIndictment Dismissed
U.S. v. J.R.13-CR-20346-UngaroNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. R.R.13-CR-20346-UngaroNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. J.M.12-CR-60025-WilliamsNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. T.P.09-CR-00038-CollierNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. H.C.08-CR-20916-GrahamNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. J.C.08-CR-20044-LenardHung Jury on all Counts
U.S. v. D.A.04-CR-20190-AltonagaNot Guilty on all Counts
State v. A.T.F 04-CR-26073-MurphyNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. T.E.98-CR-00511-LenardNot Guilty on all Counts
U.S. v. C.U.98-CR-00398-SeitzNot Guilty on all Counts

Respected Reputation

Mr Garvin has a reputation as being one of the nation’s respected criminal tax attorneys. He is a Florida Bar board certified tax specialist and  concentrates his practice on white collar crime and tax fraud defense, including tax evasion. As a renown criminal tax attorney, he routinely represents clients with economic crime issues. This includes persons seeking a white collar crime defense lawyer, or tax fraud defense attorney. From grand jury investigations, involving economic crimes and tax violations, to full federal jury trials, the results that criminal tax attorney David M. Garvin has obtained for his clients have been nothing short of remarkable. Videos from representative cases of Mr. Garvin are set forth below. 

"I have done tax cases my entire career and I have co-defended dozens of them with everyone in town and I can tell you that David Garvin is THE man. There isn’t even a close second."

-- Alan S. Ross, partner Ross, Amsel, Raben, Nascimento, PLLC.  April 17, 2016.

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Criminal tax attorney, David M. Garvin, has an AV Peer Review Rating (the highest available rating) by Martindale Hubbell. Lawyers are rated for their skill and ethics. Mr. Garvin is recognized in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers as both a criminal defense and tax attorney and has been recognized as one of our nation’s premier criminal tax lawyers on multiple occasions. He has an AVVO rating of "Superb" and has been recognized and quoted by major publications throughout the United States.

Mr. Garvin has been designated by SuperLawyers as among the top 5% of lawyers for the past 12 years. He has also been selected by Best Lawyers in America for federal white collar crime defense. As a white collar crime defense lawyer and a criminal tax defense attorney, Mr. Garvin has won numerous jury trials in which his clients have obtained a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts.  He is the lawyer that other attorneys and CPAs turn to when faced with criminal tax issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. While most tax attorneys have a great deal of knowledge regarding tax matters, most tax lawyers have little to no experience with criminal cases. The overwhelming majority of tax attorneys handle civil matters such as tax planning, tax return preparation, civil tax appeal meetings and tax collection.

These lawyers seldom if ever go to federal court and generally they have virtually no experience in conducting a criminal trial of any kind. A criminal tax attorney is a lawyer that concentrates his law practice on defending taxpayers from charges of criminal tax violations. True criminal tax lawyers have both a great deal of knowledge regarding the tax laws and at the same time have experience in conducting criminal trials before a judge and jury.  Unfortunately, as a result of the large number of lawyers the internet reflects more and more criminal lawyers holding themselves out to be criminal tax lawyers despite a lack of knowledge of tax law. Also, more and more tax lawyers are holding themselves out to be criminal tax lawyers when they have little to no experience with conducting a federal criminal jury trial.

Before selecting a criminal tax attorney to represent you, you are encouraged to do your due diligence and acquire the knowledge to make an informed decision.

There are a lot of competent criminal attorneys that practice in federal court. These lawyers usually have experience conducting criminal trials. However, most criminal lawyers have no knowledge whatsoever about income tax laws and the complex rules that are contained in the Internal Revenue Code and the related regulations. 

A criminal tax attorney is a lawyer that has extensive knowledge of the tax laws as well as extensive experience conducting criminal cases, including criminal jury trials.  The combination of both tax and criminal defense experience provides the criminal tax attorney a distinct advantage in defending criminal tax cases as opposed to the average criminal lawyer without any training or experience in the tax laws.

No.  The majority of tax lawyers only handle civil tax matters. These matters may include tax planning, tax audits, tax appeals, civil tax controversies and tax collection work.  The United States Tax Court does not handle criminal tax cases. Further, tax cases held before the United States Tax Court do not have a jury and are limited to civil tax controversies.

Perhaps the one goal that most all criminal tax defendants seek to achieve is an acquittal of all charges. During the process of selecting a criminal tax attorney the defendant should ask the criminal tax lawyer for the name of each criminal tax case that lawyer has tried before a jury on behalf of a taxpayer and the outcome of the case.  The taxpayer should ask for the case numbers of each case. The case number can be searched by using PACER. 

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