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David M. Garvin, Selected by "Super Lawyers".

Owner of Tax Resource Center

Noe Mompoint

I am the owner of Tax Resource Center, a business dedicated to income tax return preparation. I have been in business since 1999. About 7 years ago I was informed that the IRS was auditing a lot of my client's …

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Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ary Krau

I am a plastic surgeon in practice for over 20 years. I had an office manager who had been working for me for eight years. She ran my office, all my accounting, as well as my personal accounting. She was …

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Arnaldo Prado

In 2014, I came to Miami, Florida from Brazil with my wife for a vacation. I intended to visit my mother who lived in South Florida at the time. During 2006 and 2007, my mother and her new husband worked …

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Business Owner

Kemal Arin

I worked hard to build a company that held exclusive contracts to take photographs of tourists at established tourist attractions. The company grew and we had hundreds of employees. When the tragedy of 911 occurred, it rock the tourist industry. …

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Tax Preparer Wins Trial

Sergio Gardea

Astonishing Win By Tax Return Preparer Sergio Gardea operated a tax return preparation business for years in Akron, Ohio. He was investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS. Ultimately Mr. Gardea was indicted on 30 counts of willfully …

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Preparer's Case Dropped

Jeffrey Marlow

Jeffrey Marlow Prevails Following Criminal Tax Investigation Jeffrey Marlow is a tax return preparer residing in Virginia. He was shocked when the IRS Criminal Investigation division stormed his offices and removed all of his computers and files pursuant to a …

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Tax Evasion and Obstruction of IRS

Jeffrey Thorpe

Jeff Thorpe shares his experience of being indicted for tax evasion related to his ex-wife's construction company. Despite not being an officer or employee of the company, the IRS alleged that he was responsible for the tax issues. Mr. Thorpe …

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Check Cashing Company

Jose Chaoui

Heaven-sent. A genuine superstar in a highly complex field. David Garvin's dedication to ensuring my well-being was on display from the first day we met. He's a highly educated, detail-oriented, experienced individual whose display of complete control over any situation …

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Former Mayor of Hialeah

Julio & Raiza Robaina

David M. Garvin is a superior tax attorney and a brilliant trial lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and meticulous in all he does. He takes his time with his clients. He will go above and beyond, exhausting ever option for …

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Indy 500 Champion

Helio Castroneves

If you are looking for the best tax attorney who knows from the top of his head the tax law, he is David Garvin. David knows the law without searching on a book. If he needs to be up 24hrs …

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Business Owner Terry Elliott

Terry Elliott

"THE WORLD'S BEST TAX ATTORNEY" Is the only way to describe this brilliant man! My husband had some tax issues, and we looked to who we thought was the best attorney in Miami, Roy Black. After our consultation with Mr. …

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Partner Casais & Prias

Nadja Prias, Esq.

David M. Garvin is a remarkable attorney. I have had the honor to experience his work ethic and observe a true master of the law. The tenacity and legal knowledge displayed by him throughout his representation is both highly skillful …

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John P. Miller, CPA

John P. Miller, CPA

I found myself in a situation where I needed the services of a criminal tax attorney. I had been practicing as a CPA for over 20 years and never even had a complaint against me. Fortunately, I found David Garvin …

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Tom Borell

David Garvin is the best attorney anyone could hope to have on their side. David is not just brilliant but he also has the perfect composure and presence for the Courtroom. Litigation is not always played by the rules, you …

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Business Owner J. Armadoros

Jimmy Armadoros

In March 2004, my wife and I were charged with sixteen counts of tax evasion. I met with two other attorneys for a consultation. Retaining David was the best thing I ever did. I can’t begin to express my admiration …

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Nation’s Business Centers, Inc.

Ernest Cruz

I and the employees of Nations Business Centers, Inc. will be forever grateful for the legal skills, professionalism and effort that David Garvin exhibited on our behalf when the IRS attempted to permanently close our successful tax preparation business. Prior …

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