United States v. Sergio Gardea - 05/10/2018

Tax preparer found not guilty on all 30 counts of preparing false tax returns following a 2 week jury trial today. Mr Gardea was represented by Miami criminal tax lawyer David M. Garvin.



    The 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program continues to be offered by the IRS to encourage taxpayers who have failed to accurately report funds held in foreign bank accounts and income derived abroad to make full disclosure and avoid potential criminal sanctions. However, during the past 4 years the Program has undergone significant revisions and  taxpayers interested in participating in the program are urged to contact a certified tax lawyer for the latest requirements and benefits.  

In most cases, under the OVDP the penalty for failing to timely file the required FBAR is  27½ % (reduced from 50%).  A 20 % penalty on income taxes due is imposed in lieu of a fraud penalty of up to 75%.  Accounts maintained at certain banks will not qualify for favorable treatment. Consult a Florida Bar Certified Tax Lawyer for more information.


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