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Unusually Large Insurance Deductions Lead to Tax Fraud Conspiracy Convictions

U.S. v. Rozin,  U.S. Dt. Lexis 38739  (S.D. OH.  2010)

Defendants Rozin and Kallick first began being investigated by the Government because it was suspected that they received kickbacks that they failed to report to the Internal Revenue Service. The investigation later shifted due to unusually large insurance deductions on their company's corporate tax returns.   

The Government later suspected wrongdoing related to various loss of income insurance policies purchased by Rozin and Kallick from Co-Defendants Liss and Cohen. Specifically, the Government believed the policies to be a form of illegal tax shelter.

On October 5, 2005, the Government charged Rozin, Kallick, Koehler, Liss, and Cohen in a multi-count indictment alleging that Defendants conspired to defraud the United States by impeding in the lawful functions of the Internal Revenue Service in the ascertainment, computation, and collection of federal income taxes.

Defendants Rozin and Koehler pled not guilty and chose to go to trial in this matter. Kallick pled not guilty as well, but passed away prior to trial. Liss and Cohen initially pled not guilty, but later entered guilty pleas. Defendant Rozin was found guilty by a jury verdict on April 29, 2008 of three counts.

The court denied defendant's motion for judgment of acquittal.

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