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Selecting a Criminal Tax Attorney When Winning is Your Only Option

Selecting a Criminal Tax Attorney When Winning is Your Only Option

Selecting a criminal tax attorney to represent you during a criminal tax investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS may be a substantial factor in determining whether you will be indicted and ultimately whether you will prevail at trial with a jury verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts.

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Civil Tax Lawyer Represented One of the Defendants in The Criminal Tax Trial Creating a Conflict U.S. v. ROSS, 442 Fed. Appx. 290 (9th Cir. 2011)

Taxpayers Were Convicted of Tax Evasion and Conspiracy. Defendants Alleged That Their Civil Tax Lawyer Had a Conflict of Interest Because He Rendered Tax Advise that Was In Issue at the Trial But Acted as Criminal Trial Counsel For One of the Defendants. Defendants Moved for New Trial Based Upon This Conflict. The convictions were affirmed.

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Court Held That There Was Sufficient Evidence to Convict Defendant Tax Preparer of Tax Conspiracy U.S. v. Muyaba and Mudekunye (5TH Cir. 2011)

Defendants and one co-defendant were convicted by a jury in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas of charges stemming from their tax-fraud conspiracy. Defendants appealed and claimed that their Rule 29 motion due to insufficient evidence should have been granted.

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Frivolous 1099 O.I.D. Deductions Lead to Conviction U.S. v. Jones, LEXIS 73987 (D. Idaho 2011)

Return Preparer Filing Tax Returns Claiming Frivolous 1099 Original Issue Discount Deductions was Barred from Filing Returns in the Future

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Tax Attorney Convicted of Tax Scheme for Client's Not to Pay Tax On Litigation Settlement U.S. v. Jewell, 614 F.3d 911 (8th Cir 2011)

Defendant, a Tax Attorney, Was Convicted of Suggesting and Carrying out a Scheme to Assist Taxpayers in Avoiding Payment of the Full Amount of Taxes Due on a Litigation Settlement. Eventual Payment of Tax by Taxpayers Did Not Exonerate the Defendant

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Father and Son Hotel Owners and Developers Found Guilty of Tax Evasion U.S. v. Cohen Assor and Cohen Levy (S.D. FL 2011)

Hotel Owners and Businessmen Sentenced to 10 Years for Tax Offenses in South Florida.

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Tax Preparer Convicted of Filing False Returns for Clieents U.S. v. ALI, 616 F.3d 745 (8th Cir. 2010)

In Case Where Taxpayer Was Charged with Filing False Tax Returns for Clients that Overstated Expenses, Testimony of Former Clients Not Contained in the Indictment Was Permitted as 404(b) Evidence to Show Wilful Intent and There Was No Violation of the Confrontation Clause

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Failure to Pay Over Tax Does Not Require Proof of Ability to Pay. U.S. v. BLANCHARD, 618 F.3d 562, (6th Cir. 2010)

There is No Requirement That The Government Prove a Taxpayer Had Funds to Pay Tax to Obtain a Conviction Pursuant to Section 7202. Further, the Statute of Limitations for an Offense Under Section7202 is Six Years.

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